Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spy from the void

we are in the database now. --stop

they know.
they k now. -- sto p

it's happening. --
paranoia is real. it's upon us. the clock is ---

wear your uniform, though no one no longer cares.

we are gonna need it, just for ourselves now, to be an army.

to be defeated.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Meet you at the Ol'Ash's Saloon

The spy doesn't drink rainwater,
and flickers the eye, the Sun,
but does anybody really have one?
There was a pyramid, still there.
Once upon a time, once upon a moon.
She said she lived by the ruins, she was a liar,
but the ruins lived by our side, wherever we went,
as wherever she slept, she was a liar.
The rain has long gone too:
a witch foreshadows of curses,
her feet by the puddle,
today there won't be any bell to toll,
and I, I am sure I've wanted it all. 

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